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La Cereza THCa 20.8%

La Cereza (AKA Cherry OG Kush Hybrid) delivers full body euphoria alongside high-flying cerebral lucidity. While its name sets expectations of a fruity cherry aroma, this strain can sometimes express more sour and diesel-like flavors. 


Guava Melon THCa (19.7%)

This hybrid sativa dominant strain is  derived from a combination of "Zkittles" and "Gorilla Glue." Guava Melon is great for maintaining that perfect elevation throughout the day but can also be that great bedtime story at night that tucks you in.

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Crème de la Femme THCa (28.2%)

A collab by Honey Gooh x Cruel Gyal for women's month. Creme de la Femme is a hybrid Sativa dominated strain (60% 40%). When smoking this strain get ready for flavor, taste, earthy undertones & of course that gassy/diesel aroma.

Creme de la Femme treats anxiety and stress levels, as well as alleviate the symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD and bipolar disorders. A highly effective painkiller is here!!


Mountain Gooh THCa 24.9%

Mountain Gooh is here and comes with the effects of relaxed, euphoric, and having a clear mind. This hybrid helps deal with symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and stress.

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"La Cura" THCa Disposable cart

The Game changer is here! Starting off with the high potency it has to offer. Next the mobility and convenience it brings. Lastly the flavorful taste it brings to your taste buds.


Nappa Cake

Indica Dominant Flower

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Bruce Banner THCa (20-29%)

The fast-acting sativa fades to a relaxed, creative pain-reducing high that also aids in conversation and makes it great for social settings. Additionally, Bruce Banner is commonly reported to have positive effects with appetite inducement, migraines, arthritis, fatigue, depression, and common stress.


Honey Butter Cream 500mg

Our brand new infused 500mg THCa shea butter. Honey Butter has the benefits of mild pain relief, moisturization, hair repair, and anti inflammatory.